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 +====== Get All The Data Receiver ======
 +The receiver is the first level on the backend of the GATD system. It handles the incoming packets from various data sending sources. In theory, it could support any protocol you wanted for transmitting packets to GATD. Right now it only supports UDP packets.
 +===== Receiver Types =====
 +==== UDP ====
 +To send UDP packets to GATD, just send UDP packets to 
 +  * They can be IPv6 or IPv4, but all IPv4 addresses will be converted to their IPv6 form.
 +  * The maximum length of the packet is 4096 bytes.
 +  * All data in the body will be copied verbatim and sent to the rest of the system. The ip address, port and timestamp will also be stored with the packet data.
 +===== Running =====
 +The receiver is written in c.
 +$ cd receiver
 +$ make
 +$ ./​
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