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Get All The Data Streamer

The streamer is a web service that uses to stream data to a browser. abstracts the pain of streamer across browser versions and what not and nicely works with node.js.

The streamer doesn't need any setup or input on the backend side for a particular data source or profile. All of the configuration is on the client (browser) side.

Streamer Options

The streamer service can accept a couple requests from the client. Basically the client runs something like:

socket.emit('<request/data name>', <value>);

which tells the streamer service to do something.

Request    Details
query      A database query for mongodb.

auth       A profile ID string for a certain profile of incoming data. The rudimentary access control that currently exists.

The streamer waits for a query command. Once it receives one from the client, it sends all matching data to the client.

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