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Utilities for Generating Figures


IPE is a great, all-purpose figure creation tool.

Tips for Usage

  • Install on Mac OS with 'sudo ports install ipe'
  • At first the interface seems really unintuitive. Be sure to take time to understand the grid snapping, if you're free-drawing your shapes you're doing it wrong, snap everything to a grid.
  • Use a mouse.
  • Save files in a .eps format to enable text rotations and LaTeX formatting. The native format doesn't do a great job of supporting this.
  • Text is generated when you save the file, press Command+S often to see text refreshed. It's generated using LaTeX so make sure you have tex installed.
  • Take some time to read the manual, it helped me out a ton!


Often seen in laboratories in the late 90's, TGIF has a warm interface that will bring back fond memories of the early 90s. I would not recommend it on your worst enemies.

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