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SampleStash is a universal environment monitoring system that gives the user the flexibility to select which of the SampleStash's sensors to activate and the sampling frequency of the active sensors. The SampleStash will support the following sensors:

Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer

Ambient Light

Elevation & Pressure

Temperature & Humidity


CO2/chemical sensing


Real time clock

[DS3234 ]

All measurements will be logged to an onboard SD card at the selected frequency.

[SD Card Breakout ]

The sensors and memory logging will be managed by a dedicated Arduino Mega microcontroller.

[Arduino Mego 2560 R3 ]

The Arduino, sensors, and circuitry will all be housed within a small, cubical sensing unit, which can be be powered by a wall plug or battery. This allows the unit to placed in the intended sampling location, powered on, and left for an extended period of time to autonomously measure and record the environment.

The goal of the project is to create a multi-purpose environment sampling system whose diverse functionality allows it to be adapted to a large variety of projects/uses; the system should be low power, non-invasive, and as simple as possible.

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