Permamote 6/1/2017 - Present

Exploring Reliable, Energy-Harvesting Motes

Signpost 1/6/2016 - Present

Deployable, Modular, City-Scale Sensing

Slocalization 2/15/2016 - Present

Low-power, backscatter indoor localization

EDG 1/1/2016 - Present

Generate hardware designs from software

Powerblade 8/15/2014 - Present

Low Profile True Power Meter.

Monoxalyze 8/1/2014 - Present

Verifiable smoking cessation

Summon 6/1/2015 - Present

Casually browsing the web of things

Polypoint 1/10/2014 - Present

Accurate UWB based indoor localization.

Harmonia 05/01/2014 - Present

Ultra-wideband localization using narrowband radios, square waves, and band stitching.

GAP 05/01/2014 - Present

A 802.15.4/BLE cape for the Beaglebone Black..

VLC Localization 01/20/2014 - Present

Accurate indoor positioning using visible light and smartphone.

GridWatch 11/01/2013 - Present

Croudsourcing power grid monitoring with smartphones.

Opo 11/01/2012 - Present development supported

Small wearable badge for realtime human interaction tracking.

Monjolo 03/01/2013 - Present

Energy-harvesting energy meters that use side-channel activations to sense.

Wearabouts 04/01/2014 - Present

Room-level indoor localization based on wearable devices.

M3 01/01/2012 - Present

Full sensor node in a millimeter scale package.

╬╝SDR 01/01/2010 - Present

A low power, low cost, and portable software-defined radio.

EKG Sensor 12/12/2011 - 11/15/2012

Low power smartphone based sensing for medical applications.